Photography is Opportunity. . . To capture beauty, structure, qualities, relationships. . . To connect, share, influence.   I welcome the opportunity to assist you in capturing your vision and to share my professional vision.

My vision, always under development, is based on my life experiences, continuing education, and six years as a photographer. From portraiture to residential and commercial architecture, sports, journalism, and food, my varied experience enables me to be responsive to clients.    




"I hired Mike to conduct a photo shoot of a new listing. He was very creative, reliable, and punctual. He has an excellent eye for design. He is well trained in many areas, including sports, food, and architecture. I would highly recommend him. I'd rate him a 10!!!!!!  

Gina Lowery"


"Mike is very professional, has all the right equipment, and knows the tricks to make a great head shot photo for my LinkedIn...and it seems to be working!"

Rick M"


"Mike set up a professional studio in my house and offered many options for photo styles and lighting. He had a vision for each pose and directed me specifically and clearly in my poses. His knack for fine detail and enthusiasm for his work showed in my new set of professional photos.

I am proud to present myself through his work!

- W.D."


"We used Mike for two separate jobs and got great results. He was able to get us great photos and footage for our websites."

Craig M"